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Stress and Depression Therapy
Creating Peace, Happiness and Freedom

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Is stress taking over your life?
Are anxiety or fear stealing your happiness?
Is depression wearing you down?
Are you frequently angry or stuck?
Are your relationships suffering?

Starting today

You can feel better mentally, emotionally and physically

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There is hope....you are not alone. Research shows the sooner you get help you can end and reduce stress, depression, anxiety and fear.  Without treatment you are much more likely to keep suffering.
  • more relaxed, productive, and in balance
  • increase confidence and self-esteem
  • loving and joyful relationships
  • more well being and happiness
  • tap into your spiritual awareness


If you struggle with stress, depression, anxiety or fear…
I can help.  With 20 years experience helping people solve problems, I offer a practical approach that brings lasting change.  Therapy moves more quickly and easily with my holistic approach, integrating mind, body and spirit.

Together we make peace with “what is,” then explore new choices that create the life you want, bringing renewal and growth.

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